Social responsibility policy(Labor and Corporate Ethics policy)


 Dongguan JiFu Metallic Products CO.,LTD. adopts the SA8000 social responsibility standard and EICC electronic industry code of conduct for the implementation of the corporate social responsibility standard, to ensure safe work environment, employee's rights guaranteed with respect, process and products to implementation the pollution prevention, and fulfill their social responsibilities, to take care of the employees, continuous improvement, sustainable business. We hereby promise as below:


 1.Abide by the law and regulations, international agreement and signed with the customers all the code of conduct.


 2.To ensure freedom of employment, to ensure that all work is voluntary, do not use coercion, mandatory conditions for employment.


 3.To Implement humanitarian treatment and prohibit discrimination, do not use child labor, not to corporal punishment, abuse, compulsive approach to the staff, in hiring, compensation, training, promotion, dismissal or retire on such matters, there will be no racial, Nation or social origin, social class, origin, religion, physical disability, gender, sexual orientation, family responsibility, marital status, union membership, political opinions, the age discrimination.


 4.To provide reasonable salary and welfare, strictly abide by the local government relevant compensation and law,For employees is public and understand the company of each management requirements.


 5.Protect our company intellectual property rights, the protection of any technology, expertise of skill, documents and records


 6.Abide by the good faith management, the ban on any form of bribery, corruption, fraud, unfair behavior such as cronyism.


 7.Information of open public, to all concerned about our people and the behavior of the public disclosure of social responsibility.


 8.To promote Full participation, supervision, assist and encourage our suppliers and related Cooperation partners, jointly promote the social responsibility and performance.


 9.Do not use the conflict mineral, in order to maintain raw material production area employees' human rights, health and environmental information and resources, we are committed to deliver tothe customer's products and the production process, if use cobalt (Co), gold (Au) and palladium (Pd), tantalum (Ta), tin (Sn) and tungsten (W), and the source of raw material supplier has no direct or indirect illegal mines from the conflict area to purchase, at the same time to convey this subject to all suppliers need to abide by it.

                      General Manager:Jason Wu

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