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Hong Kong Electronic Fair Spring Edition
Publish time:17-07-10


On this Biggest Asian “Hong Kong Spring Electronic fair”feast let’s meet again.
A Key sourcing event of the season,The fair gathers around 2,900 exhibitors from 20 countries and regions.The electronics industry continues to ba a major part of the local economy and is the largest merchandise export earner,posting a very important role, with total an increase of 2.5 percent over the previous year. The Spring electronics Fair leverages on the city’s expertise, experience and reputation in the market, attracting supplier and buyers from around the world,who are eager to discuss business deals and assess the latest trends.
Connected Home, Robotics & Unmanned Tech, and Wearable Electronics, alongside the inaugural Virtual Reality zone, remain the hottest topic of the year with great potential in the marker place. As the Emerging Markets  developHong Kong Spring Electronic fair attracts lot of visits from  industry insider . rapidly,
Dongguan JiFu/Wisefull showed our parts at the fair: experienced  Aluminum extrusion bending with high gloss diamond cut; and conical grill with gradient color; what’s more, hollow extrusion pipe with astounding fine brush; magic wood grain anodize effect on the aluminum part, which gave visitors a breath of fresh air.
DongGuan JiFu/ Wisefull team would always welcome our in-industry professionals with open arm.
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