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Social Charity Support from Jifu in 2020
Publish time:20-08-25

Public Benefit Activity- Donation in Shahu’s the Day of the elder

The local authority of Shahu village has been taking care of the elderly all the time. When Jifu moved to Shahu in 2016; simultaneously, the recreation center of the elder was under construction but pending because of out of budget. With the donation from Jifu and the other 2 companies, the work could proceed. To commemorate the help from Jifu and the other 2 sponsors, one of the building named “Jifu Building”.

The local authority will hold the community event for the elderly before new year holiday annually. Jifu and the other companies in neighborhood will donate the expenditure and red envelope distributed to the elderly as blessing. Since 2016, there were only 15 companies attended but now there are over than 60 enterprises take part in this activity.


Participation in epidemic prevention from COVID-19

It was a difficult and hard time during new year holidays in 2020. Jifu had well prepared precaution containment to prevent from COVID-19 outbreak. By following and cooperating with government, Jifu has arranged the material for prevention, personnel control, and the assistance action for employees. In Shahu area, Jifu became a lead demonstration of epidemic prevention recognized by government and resumed on 10 Feb punctually.

In early Feb, Jifu has taken all prevention action under control such as tracking health status and footprint of employees by app, collecting all data provided to government to support the control policy.

In the mid of COVID-19, lots of employees were stuck in the hometown due to no public conveyance. Knowing the difficulty they faced, Jifu cooperated with Ministry of Human Resource, Command, and local government to arrange the shuttle bus to pick up our employees with the caring and warming as whole family.

During the epidemic prevention, people in Command worked hard to contain the COVID-19. To show the support and gratefulness, Jifu donate the material for epidemic prevention to the frontline personnel in Command.


Cleaning Activity in Da Ping Zhang Forest Park

Da Ping Zhang is the only forest park in Tangxia. People who live there usually go hiking on weekends. There are accumulated some garbage along the hiking trail due to numerous visitors. Labor union in Jifu organized some families and provided the tools as well as meal for attendee to pick up the garbage.


Monthly Support the Disable from Employee’s Family

To take care of the relatives of employees, Jifu has planned budget to support in employee’s family for who are disable, hard to make ends meet since 2019.

By now, there are 13 people who are benefited from this budget. In this August, Jifu visited these family to show our caring and further understand the status of each family. The project is still ongoing. Will edit the video to introduce employee this project.

Jifu also introduced by labor union to the communist youth league in Guangdong. The youth league has been endeavoring to support the disadvantaged. Cooperated with youth league, Jifu will attend more charity activities to reciprocate the society.


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