Won the Best Quality Award of MiTAC [20-01-04]
Awarded MiTAC Best Supplier 2018 [18-11-30]
Awarded Cisco Best Support supplier 2018 [18-10-30]
Photovoltaic System [18-07-11]
Won Inspur 2017 Best Support Award [18-07-04]
Hong Kong Electronic Fair Spring Edition [17-07-10]
Hong Kong Electronics Fair Spring Edition [16-05-25]
Labor Day Holiday (2015) [15-08-28]
Cultural Report of Dongguan Jifu Metallic Products Limited - [15-08-28]
Hong Kong Electronics Fair Spring, 13-16/04/2015 press relea [15-04-28]
Hong Kong Electronics Fair ( Autumn Edition )Press Release [14-11-13]
Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2014 Press Release [14-06-14]
Millet TV On Hot Sale [14-04-15]
2013Guangzhou international lighting fair [13-08-21]
Intvodule Solarenergy [13-03-28]
PWS(WG-C10)is a newly developed Portable Wireless Sever of [13-01-31]
Wisefull cooperated with Client to develop the thermal modul [12-12-17]
Wisefull received outstanding vendor award from Wistron in 2 [12-12-17]
Passed the ISO14064-1 Greenhouse Gas Audit successfully in O [12-11-29]
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