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Inspection Equipments


Name of Equipment: Optical CMM 
Parameter: Measure area: <400*400* 200mm     
Precision:     ± 0.0005mm  
Brand: Holland SGM

Name of Equipment:  Mechanical CMM
Parameter: Measure area:  <700*700* 600mm
Precision: ± 0.0005mm
Brand:  Japan Shanfeng



Name of Equipment : Thermal Resistance 
Parameter:   Heater power <150W,
Heat temperature <100 ? C
Applicable for thermal resistance test

Name of Equipment: Brightness Meter
Parameter: Read scope :0~ 180G U



Name of Equipmen: Stable Temperature and Humidity Test
Parameter:    Temperature :-40~150 ? C 
Humidity <98 % RH 
Time : 36/48/72h

Name of Equipment :  Flatness Meter
Parameter:  Measure area:  <100* 100m m; 
Analyze Capacity : 0.005mm



Name of Equipment : Q-MAX Test
Parameter:   Heater power <100W, 
Temperature  <80 ? C
Applicable for thermal resistance test.

Name of Equipment: Color Comparator
Parameter:   Scope : 360~740nm
L  :-40~ 100
a  :-50~50
b  :-50~50



Name of Equipment : Tension Gauge
Parameter:    force  < 100KG
Precision:  0.01KG

Name of Equipment: Projector 
Parameter:  Measure area: 250*100* 100mm
Precision:  0.001mm



Name of Equipment:X Rays Chemicals Analyze Meter
Ultimate analysis scope:(S)~ (U);
Precision: 1PPM; Test hazardous substances
such as Cd,Pb,Cr,Hg,Br satisfied by RoHS,
and analyze the inclusion of 24 elements.

Name of Equipment: Hardness Meter 
Parameter: Model; 8/CYZJ934-1
Measure area: 0~1000HV
Precision: 3%




Name of Equipment: Salt Spray Test Machine
Parameter: salt spray percentage :  Na2O 5 %
Temperature Scope:35~40 ? C
Humidity <85%

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